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Recreate your everyday look with a pair of Enhance Tint Contact LensesEnhancement tint contact lenses feature a translucent colored finish that covers both the pupil and iris to change the natural eye color of the wearer.

Choosing a pair of cosmetic contact lenses to suit your natural look can be a difficult task. At Coloured Contacts, we stock a wide variety of natural color contact lenses that can suit almost all eye colors. As a natural lens wearer who’s considering which design of contact lens to choose, it’s important to decide on the intensity of the eye color and how realistic a look you wish to achieve.

In our opinion, when it comes to enhancing contact lenses, a realistic finish always triumphs over a vibrant burst of color. The way enhancing contacts differ from standard natural look lenses is that they offer a color improvement to the eye that can work with the natural eye color of the user. At Coloured Contacts we offer a variety of enhancing lenses in order to create new cosmetic styles for users looking to change their natural eye color. Of the many styles that we offer one of the most innovative styles that promote an incredibly natural end result is our enhance tint contacts.

What are Enhancement Tint Contacts?

Enhancement Tint Contact Lenses are colored contact lenses that feature a fully tinted translucent lens. By adopting this design, users can expect a color enhancement that offers a richer finish and a more natural result that is offered by other natural lenses. The lens works by covering both the pupil and iris, in order to provide a color enhancement to the user's iris while adding only a minor color tint to vision.

Why Choose Enhancement Full Tint Contact Lenses?

Visually, enhancing lenses offer subtle and colorful to transform your natural eye color. The pros of wearing a pair of enhancing cosmetic contact lenses are that they can add a subtle color improvement to your everyday look rather than complete coverage. For a truly natural finish, the Enhancement Tint Contacts are a superior choice.

The Chromaview Enhance Full Tint Contact Lenses feature a fully translucent colored lens that can transform almost any natural eye color. The intensity of the color pigment will be determined by the natural eye color of the user and can provide a more realistic look due to adding only color to the user’s iris. For the best results we recommend using tinted contact lenses for light eyes to provide a realistic and striking finish, however, you can still create a fresh but slightly more subtle look with dark eyes. This makes them a perfect choice for all kinds of everyday natural lens users.

As well as their innovative and enhancing design, these Chromaview iBlends contact lenses feature an outstanding material composition that will please the fussiest of contact lens wearers. These tinted contacts are made of light and soft materials in order to provide enhanced levels of comfort during wear. As reusable lenses, the Chromaview enhance tint contacts will continue to provide outstanding levels of comfort even after their initial use. As well as being made with a premium material composition, the higher water content of these cosmetic contacts will leave eyes feeling hydrated and fresh for longer during wear.

Who Can Wear Tinted Contact Lenses?

Whether you’re a regular user of natural colored contacts or you’ve only ever tried generic corrective contacts, the soft enhance tint contacts are a great fit for most lens wearers. As well as being available as non prescription contact lenses, you can also purchase the enhance tint range in corrective styles. You can shop our enhance tint contact lenses in plano or prescriptions -0.50 to -5.50 for short-sighted vision.

What Color Tint Contact Lenses Are Available?

If you’ve now read about the fantastic benefits that enhancement cosmetic contact lenses can have on your everyday appearance; make sure to find out more about our color line up. When it comes to having a natural look, it’s clear two of the most wanted eye colors are green and blue. Luckily our new range of Enhance collection includes these four unique shades:

  • Blue Enhance Full Tint – Transform your everyday eye color with a sapphire blue hue. This full tint style is a deep shade of blue and is recommended for the best blue full tint finish.
  • Aqua Enhance Full Tint – The aqua full tint contact lenses feature a light and subtle color that is especially well suited for light eye color.
  • Green Enhance Full Tint – For the most natural jade green stare that colored contacts offer, we recommend the Green Enhance Tint Contacts.
  • Emerald Enhance Full Tint – If you’re looking for a pair of light green enhancement tint contacts for blue eyes make sure to consider this cosmetic style.

Now that you’ve heard everything you need to know about enhancement tint contact lenses, why not try a pair for yourself? Take on the world with a new, interesting new eye color that could completely revolutionise the way you look.